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Property Management Services

We pride ourselves in providing quality services to our clients


Ensuring that proper administrative practices are followed is critical to Community Association Management.  EPMS provides sound administrative direction and support to the Board of Directors and to the Association.

Following are a few examples of EPMS’s administrative services:

  • Organize, notice, attend & conduct meetings of the Association
  • Maintain current owner’s rosters
  • Provide information and certificates of approval for sales/leases
  • Attend to all Association correspondence
  • Receive owner suggestions/complaints and respond appropriately
  • Conduct annual insurance cost and value analysis
  • Maintain and store records
  • Enforce Documents
  • Maintain Vendor Files
  • Prepare violation letters
  • Maintain Gate Database if needed

Additional services, tailored to the unique needs of each community we serve are available upon request.

EPMS keeps abreast of local, state and federal statutes governing the condominium and homeowner association industry.  By continuing education, attending seminars and maintaining affiliation with industry-related organizations, EPMS can provide guidance and keep their clients abreast of changes in the industry.

Property Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of Association Management is the care and upkeep of the physical property.  Whether the common areas consist of a small sign, island, a clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, golf courses or any combination of the above, the manager and the in house Maintenance department work together to provide exceptional maintenance of the property while ensuring they provide excellent value to their clients.

Whether it be reduced rates on routine maintenance or ensuring larger projects are bid properly for optimum results, EPMS provides the expertise, evaluation, and inspections necessary to ensure that the Association’s property is maintained to the highest standards.

Following are a few examples of physical maintenance and management:

  • Initial property inspection of all interior and exterior common areas and thorough evaluation of all maintenance equipment and systems.
  • Review of current vendor contracts for quality and cost effectiveness
  • Study of job descriptions and assessment of on-site personnel (if applicable)
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Analysis of routine maintenance projects for cost effectiveness
  • Analysis of capital projects as needed

Through regular property inspections, the manager and maintenance staff identifies and quickly resolves site-related issues effectively and efficiently.  Monthly Property Inspection and Manager’s Reports are provided to the Board of Directors.   We pride ourselves in tailoring our plans to the specific needs of your community.


Elite Property Management works in conjunction with David Ormiston, CPA to provide exceptional financial management of your association.  Through this arrangement we can provide your association the expertise of a firm that specializes in the needs of community associations and related financials, and is licensed in that capacity.

In addition, they provide a tax return included with their services thereby providing additional savings to the association. Some of their services include:

  • Balance sheet
  • Reserve analysis
  • Delinquency Report
  • Pre-paid Report
  • Monthly Financials
  • Income/Expense Statement
  • Tax return preparation
  • Lock Box collection of dues

We welcome the opportunity to serve your community and work with the Board of Directors to uphold the highest industry standards.

Databases and Accounting Systems

Full Focus Software is used to manage our Company Database of Associations.

Quick Books is used by the CPA for accounting purposes.

Customer Support

Call Center Metrics:

We recently upgraded our phone services to Ring Central to provide expanded call center support to our residents.

  1. Calls are answered upon receipt during business hours unless the person is on the other line or out of the office.  All messages are routed to e-mail to be handled as soon as possible when out of the office.
  2. All calls are to be returned within 24 hours of receipt.
  3. Calls should not be dropped unless there is an issue with internet service in which case they are transferred to voice mail.
  4. E-mails are returned within 24-48 hours depending on the need for additional research to answer the question posed.
  5. Calls are logged into our database system.  If the issue is maintenance related we request the resident create a maintenance request on our website (if they do not have a  computer available the maintenance request is created for them).  The requests are sent to the appropriate vendor and filed in a pending file until resolved.  A report is available through our software for all pending maintenance issues to be viewed until resolved.

Online Technology

Full Focus Software offers the ability for the Board to log into a Board Portal from our or the community website to view pending issues within the community.  Members can log into the website to view community related issues and items the Board wishes to have posted for the residents.

Transition Process

Please see attached Transition Timeline.  Electronic data can be processed through e-mail or Dropbox.

On-line Architectural Control

Forms are available on the website to request an architectural review – forms can be e-mailed to admin@elitepms.com for processing or printed and mailed to our office if samples need to be included that cannot be processed electronically.  All architectural requests are logged into our database so a report can be created for Board or committee review.